Ed sheeran’s saddest songs

Ed sheeran’s saddest songs

It’s no secret that the world has its fair share of heartache. From the devastating break-ups in our lives to the tragic loss of a loved one, there are many things in this world that can shatter our happy ever after’s. We all know someone who is struggling with life’s biggest problems; someone we may even know personally. But as inspiring as it is to see people come together to help uplift each other, most of us would also rather curl up under a blanket and cry? Even though we might not be able to accurately picture ourselves in a similar situation, it’s probably easier for everyone involved if at least one member of the opposite sex doesn’t know about our problems. Because even though your best friend might be the one person you trust with your deepest, darkest secrets, their cover photo might be too embarrassing to share. That’s why hearing songs by Justin Bieber or Adele is such a nice gesture; they’re so far removed from your own experience that it makes it so much easier to listen to them without getting upset yourself. So without further adieu – here are 10 sad songs by British singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran saddest songs  that will make you feel less alone on your bad day (or at least make you feel more human).

“Castle on the Hill” (from “Divide”)

This whimsical video from Ed’s breakthrough single “Castle on the Hill” will give you a good indication of how this song feels. It’s got a scattered country feel with a silly, happy chorus, and that treatment of the backdrop is particularly striking.


This is a very different kind of song – original, perhaps, but with a very traditional feel to it nonetheless. It’s a pop song with a beautiful, sentimental feel to it. The lyrics center on a guy coming to terms with the death of his mother, and the song ends with a restrained, beautiful solo from Ed that matches the bittersweet feel of the rest of the song.

“Rabbit” (feat. Sean Kingston)

This is one of Ed’s more party-friendly offerings, and it’s a vocal jam with a heavy trap influence. It’s got a great beat, lots of bass, and is definitely one of his most popular songs. This track is about how the bond between a rabbit and its friend are so close that they’re almost like one entity, and you get the sense that that’s what this track is about too.

“Hey, Look Me Up There”

This song is about finding your purpose in life and what you love to do, and while it might sound like a straightforward pop song, it’s actually pretty deep. The chorus is simple, with Ed repeating the line “I know you hate me, but I love you anyway” over and over again, and the song not only speaks volumes about the singer’s feelings towards another human being, but it also provides a psychological explanation for why some people feel the way they do.

“The A-Team”

This is another one of Ed’s pop gems, and it’s also a collaboration with Justin Bieber. It’s got a really nice, upbeat rhythm, and the two singers trade lines like a couple of high school sweethearts. This track is about how you need the right person in your life to complete you, and Ed’s advice for finding them is to ” Chase your dreams, not the people around you”.

“One Less Lonely Girl”

This is a ballad with a beautiful piano arrangement and heartfelt lyrics from Ed sheeran saddest songs about finding love again after a break-up. It’s a slow, emotional song with an almost country feel to it, so take it as a sign if you want to break-up with someone.


This is a mid-tempo number with a spare, beautiful arrangement and strong, moody production. It’s a ballad about forgiving yourself, and while it might sound like a recipe for happiness, it’s actually the opposite. You have to let go of the past, of course, but when you stick around with the person who hurt you, you’re essentially holding yourself back – and while it might feel good to let go, it’s ultimately going to make it more difficult to take another hit from life’s plate-gyms.

“Thinking About You”

This is another ballad with a simple, quiet arrangement and soothing piano accompaniment. It’s about remembering the person you love and not letting them go, and how that person will be the most important person in your life if you don’t let them go.

“Mamma interrupt us”

This is a very dark song, with dark, foreboding production and enigmatic lyrics. It’s about the death of a loved one, and what happens then and after that. It’s one of those albums you put on in the background while you do other things, and you might not even realize you’re listening to it until it’s too late.

“Hard Times” (with Rita oar)

This is a pop/R&B hybrid with an urgent drumbeat and a light, happy melody. The lyrics are all about surviving hard times, and while they might sound optimistic, they’re actually illustrating the harsh realities of life in a very precise way.

“The Number One Dream”

This is a ballad with a happy, hopeful melody and strong, positive lyrics about what really matters in life. It’s about being patient and waiting for the right time to make a change, and how life is meant to be lived in the moment.

“True Love”

This is a slow, soulful love song with a deep, dark production and melodious vocals from Rita Ora. The song is about the kind of love that gives you everything, and the one you share with the person you love.

“One More Time”

This is another slow, emotional ballad with a simple, elegant arrangement and rich, full-bodied vocals from Ed. The song is about getting another chance at something you’ve been waiting for, and how you’re going to take it or leave it with one partner

“That’ll Be the Day”

This is a fun, upbeat, poppy number that’s perfect for a lazy morning, breakfast, or even lunchtime song. The lyrics are all about celebrating the everyday and the temporary, and the track is so upbeat because of that. It’s also a great song to play when you’re having a lazy day or just want a little something to get you going.


This is a pop/Rahim Western number with a fun, country twang to it. The song is about a guy who is so rich he could buy his way into heaven, and you get the sense that living this life is definitely not a bad thing.

“Ridiculously Overpriced”

This is a ballad with a bittersweet feel, and it’s actually about a break-up. It’s also a song about second chances, and how you should take advantage of them when they’re given to you. You might have a one-time shot with this person, but you should treat them like gold every time you get a chance to meet them. This is also a slow, emotional song about just wanting to be happy, no matter what it takes.

“Check Yes, Please”

This is a party anthem with a fun, up-tempo rhythm and infectious EDM sound. The song is about having fun, and how when you’re having fun, anything is possible.

“Stay With Me”

This is a song about falling in love, and how you should never, ever walk away from someone you love. It’s also a duet between Ed and Justin Bieber, and while it might sound like a simple love song, the message behind it is actually quite intense.

“Shooting Star”

This is a country-tinged pop number with a strong production and memorable melodies. The lyrics are about falling in love, and while they might sound like a sweet love song, they actually represent the opposite.


This is another slow, emotional ballad with a simple, elegant arrangement and sweet melodies. The song is about letting go, and while it might sound like a simple thing to do, it’s actually the hardest thing you’ll do.


This is a ballad with jazzy, playful production and an up-tempo rhythm. The lyrics are about taking risks and about what happens when you try something new, and how it

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