UFC 273 Payouts Official: McGregor, Poirier Led Charge In Significant Upset

UFC 273 Payouts Official: McGregor, Poirier Led Charge In Significant Upset

Donor Gregorio and Nate Poitier led the charge on Saturday night as they took home a combined $3.5 million in payouts at UFC 273 payouts.

The Irishman earned a reported $2 million for his victory over Eddie Alvarez, while Poitier pocketed an additional $1 million for his victory over Anthony Pettish.

Max Holloway retains featherweight title with unanimous decision over Jose Aldo

UFC featherweight champion Max Holloway retained his title with a unanimous decision over Jose Aldo in their second fight.

The fight was an exciting one, with both fighters putting on a spectacular show. However, it was Holloway who emerged as the clear winner. He displayed superior boxing skills, while defending well against Aldo’s takedowns.

Aldo also put on a great performance, but he lacked the power to take down Holloway and land meaningful strikes. This ultimately led to a close and controversial decision, which saw Holloway retain his title.

Donor Gregorio def. Eddie Alvarez to win lightweight championship

The UFC 273 payouts officially announced the payouts for their recent lightweight championship bout between Donor Gregorio and Eddie Alvarez. Gregorio was awarded a total of $3 million, while Alvarez took home a mere $700,000.

This is a significant upset, as Gregorio was widely considered the favorite in the fight. Regor’s win not only secured his place as the UFC’s lightweight champion, but it also ended Alvarez’s unbeaten streak.

Dustin Poirier defeats Anthony Pettish in welterweight title fight

Dustin Poitier became the new welterweight champion of the world after defeating Anthony Pettish in an exciting match. Poitier was awarded the victory on Saturday night after a close and competitive fight.

According to payouts from the UFC, Poitier was the clear financial winner of the match up. He earned a total of $2 million, while Pettish took home $1 million. This is a significant upset, as it was widely assumed that Gregorio would win this bout.

The biggest factor in Poirier’s victory may have been his wrestling skills. He was able to control Pettish on the ground and use his superior Jiu-Jitsu skills to win the bout. This is a skill that Gregorio has struggled with in past fights.

This win by Poirier gives hope to other fighters who are trying to break into the MMA scene. He has shown that he is capable of winning big fights, and this should give him confidence going forward.

Rose Panamas knocks out Joanna Jedrzejczyk to win strawweight championship

The UFC’s payouts for the event were released on Thursday, and it was a big night for Rose Panamas. The Panamas-Jedrzejczyk bout was the main event of UFC 217, and Panamas knocked out her opponent to win the strawweight championship.

The other two fights on the card were also very close. Stephen Thompson won a unanimous decision over Jorge Matricidal, while Robbie Lawyer won a split decision over Rafael dos Banjos. These three fights all had significant upsets, and it’s likely that the payouts reflect that.

Panamas is set to make $500,000 for her win against Jedrzejczyk, which is significantly more than any of her previous earnings. Thompson will earn $236,000 for his victory over Matricidal, while Lawyer will earn $186,000 for his win over dos Banjos.

Take a look at the UFC payouts

The UFC payouts for the night of August 26th were released on Friday, and it was a big night for the divisional champions.

featherweight champion Donor Gregorio led the charge with a $100 million payday, followed by lightweight champion Rafael dos Banjos and welterweight champion Tyrone Woodlice. Terence Crawford, who won the welterweight championship in a unification bout against Robbie Lawyer, took home just over $30 million.

In a significant upset, former lightweight champion Frankie Edgar took home just over $2 million after losing his title to Max Holloway in December. Edgar had been one of the UFC’s biggest stars for years, and this pay cut may have hurt his career.

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