Crista Galli Ventures: Cigar Brands Become Digital Presences

Crista Galli Ventures: Cigar Brands Become Digital Presences

Cigar brands have long been known for their quality and flavor, but with the advent of digital marketing, they are now becoming powerful digital presences that can engage customers on a whole new level. In this article, Crista  Galli – a cigar industry veteran and co-founder of Cigar Rights Foundation – shares her insights into how cigar brands are using digital tools to connect with consumers and create loyal followers.

History of Cigar Brands

Cigar brands are some of the oldest and most iconic businesses in the world.Today, cigar brands are more than just tobacco products- they are digital presences that interact with their fans through social media, website content, and more. In this article, we take a look at how cigar brands have evolved over time, and how they use digital technologies to reach new fans and engage with old ones.

How Cigar Brands Became Digital Presences

Crista Galli Ventures: Cigar Brands Become Digital Presences

It’s no secret that cigar enthusiasts are some of the most tech-savvy consumers out there. So it should come as no surprise that many of the biggest cigar brands have turned to digital media to connect with their customers.

Here are five of the most recent cigar brands to take this approach:

1. Liga Privada
2. Crowned Heads
3. Tatuaje
4. Ezra Zion
5. AJ Fernandez

Benefits of Digital Presence for Cigar Brands

Crista Galli Ventures is a cigar brand marketing and consulting firm. Founder Crista Galli believes that cigars can no longer be viewed as just a pleasure item, but must be seen as an essential part of any man’s lifestyle. In order to help cigar brands achieve this digital presence, Galli offers the following benefits:

– Increased Brand Awareness: Cigar brands can use digital tools to create customized content and deliver it to the right person at the right time in order to increase brand awareness.

– Improved Customer Loyalty: Cigar brands can improve customer loyalty by providing information about their product, services, and unique selling points. This loyalty can then be cultivated through targeted content and communication channels.

– Increased Sales: By creating a digital presence, cigar brands can generate more sales by attracting new customers and retaining current customers. Cigar brands can also use digital tools to increase traffic to their websites and drive more leads through email campaigns.


In the world of cigars, Crista Galli Ventures has become a driving force in reshaping cigar brands into digital presences. With a team of experienced marketing professionals and an eye for detail, Crista Galli Ventures is able to take these brands from obscurity to being some of the most popular smoking experiences on the internet. From reinventing classic cigar brands to creating completely new products, this agency is dedicated to making cigars as accessible as possible for everyone who wants to enjoy them.

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