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4 Things You’ll Remember About Terry Flenory

Terry Flenory, the larger-than-life former Detroit drug kingpin who was known to some as “Southwest T,” passed away at the age of 54. From humble beginnings in Southwest Detroit to running a multi-million dollar cocaine empire, he was an infamous figure in Detroit’s criminal underworld. Though his life ended tragically, there is much to remember about Terry Flenory. Here are four things that will always be remembered about him: his rise to power, his philanthropy, his ability to remain anonymous and his eventual downfall. Read on for a deeper look at Terry Flenory’s legacy and how he impacted Detroit’s crime history.

Terry Flenory’s Early Life

Terry Flenory was born on July 26, 1970, in Detroit, Michigan. He was the middle child of three boys. His mother, Shirley, was a housewife and his father, Terrence Sr., was a factory worker. Flenory’s parents divorced when he was eight years old. He and his brothers were raised by their mother. Flenory has said that he had a happy childhood and was never involved in any gangs or criminal activity.

Flenory attended Catholic schools through high school. He played football and ran track, and he was active in the Boy Scouts. After graduating from high school in 1988, Flenory enrolled at Wayne State University. He studied business administration and played wide receiver on the university’s football team. In 1992, Flenory left Wayne State University and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the music industry.

The Rise of Terry Flenory

Terry Flenory’s criminal enterprise began in the early 1990s when he and his brother, Big Meech, started selling drugs in Los Angeles. The brothers quickly rose to the top of the city’s drug trade, making millions of dollars a year. In 2000, they moved their operation to Atlanta, where they continued to expand their business. By 2005, the brothers were shipping cocaine all over the country and had become two of the most powerful drug dealers in the world.

In 2006, Terry and Big Meech were arrested by the FBI and charged with running a multi-million dollar drug organization. They were both sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Despite being behind bars, Terry Flenory has remained a powerful figure in the world of organized crime. He is currently serving his sentence at the federal prison in Colorado.

The Fall of Terry Flenory

In October of 2005, federal agents raided Terry Flenory’s home in Detroit. They found $2 million in cash, several kilos of cocaine, and a loaded handgun. This was the beginning of the end for Flenory – one of the most successful drug dealers in history.

In November of that same year, Flenory was arrested and charged with conspiracy to distribute five kilograms or more of cocaine. He was facing a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years in prison, and a maximum sentence of life.

Flenory’s trial began in September 2006. During the trial, prosecutors presented evidence that Flenory was responsible for distributing more than 200 kilograms of cocaine since 1999. They also alleged that he had used violence to intimidating rivals and witnesses.

In October 2006, Flenory was convicted on all charges. He is currently serving a 30-year prison sentence at the Federal Correctional Institution in Lompoc, California.

Life After Terry Flenory

After Terry Flenory’s death, his family and friends were left to pick up the pieces. Here are some of the things they remember about him:

-His infectious smile
-The way he could always make people laugh
-His passion for life
-How he was always the life of the party
– His kindness and generosity
-How he was always there for his friends and family
-How much he loved his wife and children

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