Last-minute gift suggestions that appear thoughtful and planned.

How many times have you said “oh no” in the past month when you realized it was the day before one of your friends’ birthdays. Or even worse, have you ever forgotten your spouse’s birthday or your second year anniversary. We can all relate to those situations. And the rush to find something to do quickly to fix the situation is something we are very used to. Usually, they end up being very bad if we are telling the truth. This is especially true if the person you are surprising is someone who is important to you or someone you have a close relationship with. They understand the true meaning behind the chocolates, flowers, and Teddy bears. So, we have made a list of gifts you can get at the last minute that are different from the things mentioned before. These gifts are very easy to get, you can have them in just 24 hours and they are definitely not thoughtless. Actually, your family and friends will believe that you have been organizing this event for many months. Keep scrolling to find Bloomsvilla’s Guide to clever and enjoyable last-minute gift ideas.

Personalized news updates.

Give your loved one an amazing gift online by having a personalized news report made just for them. Professionals will create a special show with a unique script, filmed by talented artists, and expertly edited to look like a real news broadcast.

Love letters written to my beloved.

If your loved one enjoys letters but you don’t like writing, let us help you by sending them a package containing 7 sweet reasons to stay with you forever. Each letter will be in a special envelope and will have a number on it.

The letters are already written and put in packages. Just click the link and then click the order button to get it delivered to you. Your partner will not realize that you forgot the anniversary of your first kiss. You’re welcome. You can opt for Order birthday cake online and get a special gift delivered.

A stranger’s wish


Get some nice people you don’t know to call your special person throughout their day, and only tell them who set it up after the last call. A person who loves Biryani will receive phone calls saying that everyone in Hyderabad will be eating Biryani to celebrate them today. And someone who loves Punjabi music might answer the phone and hear a song by Honey Singh sung by someone they don’t know. To keep the person from knowing who you are, simply tell us interesting things about them and we will make the calls sound like they’re from someone they used to know but can’t remember.

A whole month of saying nice things.

Surprise them for a whole month with a fantastic app made just for them. Once your partner installs the app, it starts with four images that you like. Every day, they receive a nice message on their screen. If they touch the notification, the app will open on their phones.

Unknown people are sending me messages via mail.

You can’t give just one wish on your loved one’s special day. Get a lot of nice people to send emails to your loved one on their special day. Someone who loves pets will receive emails saying that the whole city of Hyderabad will go and pet a dog for them today. And someone who loves Punjabi music may open the email to find the lyrics of a song by Honey Singh, dedicated to them by someone they don’t know.


To make it simple, just share interesting facts about the special person and the things they like such as their favorite movie, food, or place to spend time. We will make sure that the emails appear as if they were sent by someone the person doesn’t remember, but who was an old friend.


A special video is all about you and what you like.

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Do you know someone really well. If you do, you could write a whole book about them. If not a book, you could at least make a video about them including all the things that make them unique. All you need to do is answer some questions about your preferred subjects, upload their photos, and our team will take care of everything else.


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