Correcting Myopia and Other Eye Problems Overnight with Orthokeratology

It is a treatment for corneal remodeling that is made possible thanks to the wearing of hard glasses that are breathable while one sleeps.

To put this into practical terms, this entails sleeping with contact lenses so that one does not need to wear glasses or lenses throughout the day. The geometry of the lens is meant to gradually correct myopia and/or astigmatism by making the central portion of the cornea flatter. There are numerous methods for achieving this goal.

Every night before bed, the lenses are put on the patient’s eyes, and they are removed the next morning after the patient awakens.

This method, which has been used successfully on a broad scale, does not include any dangers and may be undone entirely when contact lens use is discontinued.

Night lenses: what benefits?

Particularly innovative, they are designed to improve prevention against myopia. This is why they are recommended in children from 7 years of age in order to slow down an evolutionary myopia.

In adults, orthokeratology and night lenses are particularly recommended:

  • professionals requiring increased visual acuity;
  • during prolonged work on screens;
  • in a professional environment subject to air conditioning;
  • for people bothered by wearing lenses or glasses;
  • for persons resistant to surgical corrections.

In what conditions does orthokeratology prove effective?

Orthokeratology Singapore is not only effective for myopia correction, but also for astigmatism, hypermetropia, and near sightedness. Since the method’s efficacy depends on the individual’s eyes, a pre-adaptation exam is necessary to determine whether or not you qualify. It’s also a great non-invasive alternative to surgical procedures.

Where do the finest outcomes go?

In myopic, the findings are undeniable. Students and children especially benefit from orthokeratology since it not only helps them see clearly during the day, but also slows the progression of myopia. By reducing the rate of change, we may ensure reduced reliance on optical equipment and lessen the pathological dangers associated with myopia. Customers who participate in sports (for example, water sports), regularly work in an environment with a lot of dust, or who can’t stand their lenses due to dry eyes will especially benefit from the ortho k’s ability to correct their vision and release them from their glasses or day lenses.

How are the trials and adjustments coming along?

The initial consultation with your optometrist Singapore at EyeCarePractice is where the bulk of the information required to create your unique pair of glasses is gathered. As soon as the lenses arrive, we check their fit and give you instructions on how to care for them. As the adjustment progresses through these phases, additional meetings will be required. The cornea is reshaped for daily use in a week, thus progress is quick. After that, you need to hold a meeting every year.

How dangerous is it?

No. Night lenses today are ergonomically designed to fit the eye. Because the eyelid keeps them in place, they can’t budge if you shake your head in your sleep. In addition, the correction is temporary and disappears as you stop wearing the lenses.

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